Organizing committee

Welcome letter

It is my pleasure to welcome you to The International Symposium organized under the auspices of the International Commission on Continental Erosion (ICCE), which is one of the ten commissions of the International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS).

Kazimierz Wielki University – Institute of Geography has teamed up with The International Commission on Continental Erosion to organize a great conference for you, river sediment researchers.

We carefully selected the venue to maximize interaction between participants and facilitate switching between sessions. You will be able to seamlessly enjoy many presentations in different parallel sessions, watch cutting-edge plenary lectures and enjoy the social program and the excursions that my team and I put together during and after the time of the conference.

I am very much looking forward to seeing you in Bydgoszcz in 2022!


Chair of Local Organizing Committee, prof. dr hab. Zygmunt Babiński

Local Organizing Committee

  • Michal Habel (Institute of Geography UKW);
  • Sergey Chalov (Institute of Geography UKW, Faculty of Geography MSU);
  • Marta Brzezińska (Institute of Geography UKW); 
  • Krystian Obolewski (Department of Hydrobiology UKW);
  • Zbigniew Podgórski (head of Institute of Geography UKW);
  • Dawid Szatten (Institute of Geography UKW);
  • Danuta Szumińska (Institiute of Geography UKW)